Non-Chinese Speaking Students Support


We are encouraging and supporting the integration of NCS students (notably students of diverse races) into the community, including facilitating their early adaptation to the local education system and mastery of the Chinese language. We provides various education services for NCS students and supports their parents.

Our NCS Support Program includes:

  1. Use a reading pen or e-teaching materials to learn daily tools and words.
  2. Organize cultural integrative activities for NCS students, such as thanks-giving service, flag-raising ceremony, and graduation ceremony with their Chinese-speaking classmates.
  3. Provide opportunities for NCS students to learn and interact with their Chinese-speaking peers within and beyond the school boundaries through various school activities, such as, birthday party, summer extra-curricualr activities and sex education lectures.
  4. Discuss with parents regularly about their children's' Chineae learning progress, and explain and emphasize the importance of mastering Chinese language appropriatly.
  5. Provide information about school choices, further studies and career pursuits to parents of NCS student(s).


  1. 透過點讀筆或電子教材,認讀日常生活用具及字詞
  2. 舉辦促進文化融合活動,例如非華語學生與華語同學一起參加相關學校的活動,如感恩節、升旗儀式、畢業典禮等。
  3. 為非華語學生提供在校內或校外與華語同儕學習和互動的機會,例如邀請非華語學生參加相關學校的活動,如生日派對、暑假活動、性教育講座等。
  4. 定期與家長討論非華語學生的學習進度(包括中文學習),並視情況向子女解釋和強調掌握中文的重要性。
  5. 提供非華語學生家長子女擇校/升學/擇業的資訊。

Our Support Plan


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